March 28, 2022 By Mario Babin

Easy Way To Fix ASCII Unicode Encoding Error

In this guide, we are going to uncover some of the possible causes that can lead to ASCII unicode encoding errors and then provide some possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    In Python, Unicode as a string type is limited to characters, which allow a Python program to work with all possible reproductions of different characters. We’re getting this kind of error because any character type after the Unicode escape (“u”) causes an error, which is a one-time error on Windows.


    How do I fix Unicode encode errors in Python?

    Summary. Typically, a UnicodeEncodeError is raised that encodes a Unicode string into a specific encoding type. Only a limited number of Unicode characters are mapped to character strings. Hence, any unrepresented/matched character will cause our own encoding to fail and throw a UnicodeEncodeError. To avoid this error, use all the encode(utf-8) and decode(utf-8) functions next to your code.

    Frustrating, Inconsistent Errors¶

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    What is Unicode decode error?

    The UnicodeDecodeError usually occurs when decoding the string str, which is caused by a specific encoding. Because encodings map only a limited number of str strings to Unicode characters, an invalid str character sequence can cause the encoding-specific decode() function to fail.


    Unicode is today a standard that makes it easier to encode characters using variable bit encoding. I’m sure you must have heard of ASCII when you entered this world of computer programming. ASCII is 128 characters while Unicode defines 221 characters. Therefore, Unicode can be considered a superset of ASCII. If you want to dive deeper into Unicode, click on this link. Press U+1F40D Unicode:-, h To find out what it means! (Try it!?)

    Encode Strings

    Now, if you still have to (or can’t avoid) using Python 2, you need to encode strings well. The UnicodeEncodeError they reproduced earlier is caused by a fallback to the fact that when the str() subroutine is called, the interpreter applies the default character encoding provided that the input bytes are Our encoded (if they are Unicode character actions).

    unicode encode error ascii

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