February 27, 2022 By Lewis John

The Easiest Way To Recover Deleted Contacts In Outlook

In this guide, we are going to identify some of the potential causes that might cause recovering deleted contacts in Outlook and then share some of the possible ways to fix the issue.

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    Add Restore Deleted Items Button Items To The Ribbon

    Recover Deleted Contact From Outlook Desktop Client

    Recover A Deleted Contact In Outlook Web App

    If you are using Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange Server account and you accidentally delete this item, such as one of your contacts, even if you cleared the Deleted Items folder or performed some complex operation, youYou can still restore the device by pressing Ctrl-Delete. For items other than emails, such as your contacts, first add a Restore Deleted Items button to the ribbon. You can also recover deleted items from an Office based Exchange client, such as 365.

    Select From “Folders” in the ribbon list, navigate to “New Button Group”. Select each of our “New Groups” that you have added.


    Select commands” from the “Select command list”. Scroll down and select “Recover Deleted Items”. Click the Add control button to add the newly created function group.

    restore deleted contacts in outlook

    Select the folder you want to delete the item from and click on the “Folders” tab.

    Click “Recover from Items” deleted. Select a contact to help you recover them and click “Recover”.


    Sign in to Outlook on your Exchange-based client. Right click “Deleted Items” and “Restore Selected Items” deleted.

    Click the “Restore” modification to restore all of the contact folder “Contacts”.

    Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Apart from emails, it can also recover deleted scales, tasks, journals, etc. by email address and save them. Contacts are considered an essential resource for every user because they store all the recipient’s data, which is very useful for your user.

    restore deleted contacts in outlook

    Email delivery includes both sending and receiving. The process becomes easier when users have all the necessary data. For this reason, periodically updating and deleting the contact list is extremely important for users. In this system, it often happens that many contacts are accidentally deleted. Hence, recovering deleted contacts becomes so necessary that the user can easily continue the process of sending and receiving emails.

    Restoring deleted contacts is a very simple and usually effective process if you follow the right steps. This blog describes how to recover deleted links as Outlooif k, some or all of the user’s contacts have been deleted.best

    3 Ways To Recover Deleted Outlook Contacts

    Method 1. Use The Deleted Items Folder To Recover Deleted Contacts

    Everythingdeleted contacts in outlookNavigate to the Deleted Items folder. RestoreContacts deletedFrom this folder, pay attention to the indicated steps:

    Step 1: Open your Outlook account and navigate to the Deleted Items folder in the folder list.

    Step 2. Find the contact information that was deleted from Outlook and needs to be restored. To facilitate this process, various sorting options have been provided for easy searching.

    Step 3: Right-click the desired contacts you want to restore and select Move, then select Other Folder.

    4: Step Select contacts and media channels in list view and press OK

    Button Method 2: Use Recoverable Items Folder To Recover Deleted Contacts

    EverythingDeleted contacts come from OutlookmoYou can restore it using the Recoverable Items folder.

    ContinuationYou can delete contacts in one of the following waysVery harmful ways to deceive the user:

    EverythingContacts stored in the Recoverable Items folder may be deleted.item folder. Contacts can easily be transferred from there.folder.articles

    also at any timeeverything is restored from the Recoverable Items folder, thisYou will automatically be taken to the Deleted Items folder. then the toy can be searchedlight.restore contactsremoved by moving them to another folder.

    scene1 Open: Outlook account, entry you go to the home page and select itFolder with restorable forum items.

    scene2: Contact Searchremoved due to appearancethis should be compensation.

    scene3 Right-click: and select the Restore items selected to option.click OK.

    Step 4: Restoring a deleted lens is done in the Deleted Items folder. The contacts can then be saved.thread from there using method 1.

    Method 3: Use Outlook’s Advanced Deleted Lens Recovery Tool


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